December 8, 2023

Job cuts: Deutsche Telekom wants to save costs

Deutsche Telekom wants to continue cutting jobs. A Telecom spokesman said when asked today that the number of jobs that would be affected in total was still unclear. Previously this was
Handelsblatt mentioned.

At internal IT services provider Telekom IT, 1,300 jobs out of 5,400 existing in Germany will be eliminated, the company confirmed. In addition, approximately 350 employees will leave the company for early retirement or partial retirement in the coming months.

The “Booster” program aims to save costs

Telekom wants to cut jobs
Deutsche Telekom AG/Norbert Ettermann

In a program internally called “Booster” through which the company says it wants to save costs, it is currently studying how to restructure operations at its headquarters in Bonn and to what extent jobs can be saved. The group said much has changed due to technological advances, among other things – the last major restructuring of this kind was ten years ago.

“We will make this as socially acceptable as possible,” a Telecom spokesperson said. There have been no layoffs at Telekom in Germany.

In August, Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile US announced that it intends to cut nearly 5,000 jobs in the United States and replace them with artificial intelligence, among other things.

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