April 13, 2024

Jens Spahn advises against traveling to the European Championship final in London

Jens Spahn advises against traveling to the European Championship final in London

Last Friday, 22,500 people watched England versus Scotland at Wembley. Jens Spahn now recommends against traveling to London for the European Championship final.

Jens Spahn on ARD “Report from Berlin”. – ARD

The basics in brief

  • The final match of the European Championship begins on 11 July at Wembley Station, London.
  • It is currently unclear how many fans of the game can watch the live broadcast.
  • For Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, there are many arguments against making a trip there.

The European Football Championship is in full swing. After yesterday, the first teams play the round of 16. The two best teams will compete in the final on July 11th at Wembley Station, London.

Regardless of whether Germany will be there or not: Jens Spahn, the Federal Minister of Health, advises against taking a trip on the ARD program “Report from Berlin”.

“London is a different region for viruses. Returnees must remain in quarantine for two weeks. This strict measure makes clear: You should only visit the UK if you must,” Spahn advises.

Spahn: ‘You don’t have to be in London’

On the other hand, Spahn is happy to finally see tens of thousands in stadiums again. But at the same time he is worried. For the Minister of Health, the concept of protection is especially important.

She was interrupted, she was tested, she was inseminated. There are concepts of arrival and departure. We do all this in Germany with caution. “Please don’t be in stadiums that hold 60,000 people,” Spahn said.

In conclusion, the Minister of Health sums up: “Football is great, but it doesn’t have to be in London, I think.”

Last Friday, in the last European Championship match at Wembley, 22,500 fans were able to watch the England-Scotland match live. It is currently unclear how many people will be accepted into the final.

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