Volkswagen ID. Buzz: How the Bulli-related hype is supposed to boost Stromer sales

Jürgen Wolf and Stefan Grundhof

20 years ago, Volkswagen showed us a great study of a new vintage edition of the original Polly. But then you are afraid of your courage. But at the end of 2022, it’s supposed to be working with ID.Buzz (more here). The style should resemble the study in the series and make Stromer a success.

But Polly’s love is greater in the United States – albeit in a very different way than in Europe or South America. With us and in Brazil & Co. it was above all a work force. In the United States, you can see the original Bullis not only in old hangouts: in California it is almost impossible not to meet T1 (1950-1967) or T2 (1967-1979, in Brazil until 2013) for a day.

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