April 23, 2024

Japan: Fingernail Engagement Ring – 20 minutes


A man makes an engagement ring out of his fingernails

A Japanese man made an engagement ring from nails he had been collecting for over a year. The internet is raging.


This engagement ring is made from human fingernails.


  • A Japanese man shows on YouTube how to make an engagement ring out of his fingernails.

  • The unknown spent a year collecting the remains of his nails.

  • Some users are disgusted with his craft project.

Saving is the order of the day in times of inflation. And do it yourself. A man based in Japan, whose name is unknown, demonstrates how to make jewelry on YouTube. For a year, he collected the scraps of his nails to make an engagement ring. In the approximately 17-minute video, he shows the entire manufacturing process.

The man first crushes the nails into a fine powder and then mixes them in a saucepan with water. Then he squeezes out the semi-liquid and removes the excess liquid with a screw. He does this until there is only a small amount of powder left. Then use the screwdriver I used to squeeze out the excess liquid and pop the remaining paste into the microwave for 90 minutes at 150 degrees. What after heating Comes out looking far from sawdust.

“I must vomit”

It is a black clay-like material in the shape of a fancy stone. Using a nail file and nail buffer, he smooths out the stone and uses a template to give the stone a diamond shape. Finally, he places the stone on the ring, which looks like a fingernail.

a lot Users are shocked And it sucks. One commented: “This is just disgusting.” Another commented, “I guess I’m not the only one feeling terrible.” Another added: “He uses kitchen utensils in several moves, makes me vomit.”

Here, an engagement ring is created from a human fingernail.


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