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He took off his shoes twenty years ago and has lived barefoot ever since

Joseph DiFruo Jr. took off his shoes because he had a bunion. He was now used to the reactions of his fellow humans.


Joseph Dirufu Jr. (59) hasn’t worn shoes in twenty years.

Source: Joseph DeFuru Jr / Facebook

  • Joseph Dirufu Jr. (59 years old) suffers from oncology.

  • Twenty years ago he decided to take off his shoes because of his illness.

  • DeRuvo gets kicked out of places a lot.

Joseph DiRuffo Jr., 59, of Norwalk, Connecticut, hasn’t worn shoes in twenty years. Not at home, not on the street, not even in winter. Joseph DiFruo Jr. understands that many people have a problem with this. He was actually asked to leave the supermarket because other customers complained, according to The New York Times.

Why not wear shoes?

DeRuvo cites three different reasons why he doesn’t wear shoes. The first reason: he suffers from tumors. With a bunion, the big toe points more toward the adjacent toes. Bales swell more and more. Twenty years ago, the pain was excruciating sport shoes Unbearable. He walked barefoot while waiting for the operation. When he found out that doctors wanted to implant metal screws, he stopped treatment. Because he is allergic to metal. Meanwhile, he notices that he feels better since he went barefoot.

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Reason two: DeRuvo says it has learning difficultiesrelated to sensory problems. Living without shoes helps him cope. “If I don’t feel grounded, I’ll feel a little more nervous than usual,” he says. “Feeling grounded helps me calm down.”

DeRuvo, a religious man, gives spirituality as a third reason. God says to Moses, “Take off your sandals, knowing that this land is sacred.” “Well, I like to push it as hard as I can.”

Is it dangerous to walk barefoot?

Joseph Dirufu Jr. is often asked the same questions: How does he do it with snow and ice? Are sharp objects not stuck in his feet? “Dealing with the weather is a habit,” says DeRuvo. Hot days can be more of a challenge than cold days. In the summer, when the sun heats the streets, he has to dance from shade to shade. But nothing hurts your feet more than chemical salt against the ice.

On sharps, he says, “Everyone knows the story of his son or himself when you’re 10 years old and you have a splinter in your foot and you’re running barefoot.” For DeRuvo to prevent injuries, he has to move consciously: “I can’t look at my iPhone and get distracted when I’m walking, or I’ll be stepping on something dangerous.”

We were expelled from many places.

DeRuvo lives in Norwalk with his wife. After years as a photographer and photography teacher, he now works as a freelance Pilates instructor. Barefoot friendly work. The couple stays close to home. Because the people around you know it in restaurants or in the store and they also see the person behind it. They don’t just classify him as the man who walks barefoot. “However, we were kicked out of many places,” says his wife. When asked to leave a store or restaurant, he usually does so without objection.

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DeRuvo encourages anyone with a disability or other physical condition to step back and see if there is an innovative solution they can use to alleviate their struggles.

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