May 21, 2024

“Human lips”: This dog has a kissable mouth and has become an internet sensation

“human lips”

This kissable dog has become an internet sensation

A video showing a dog with supposed human lips is currently appearing on Tiktok. The owner explains how her four-legged friend gets full lips.


On Tiktok, a dog with human lips is a sensation.

TikTok / Hunterandgriffin

  • Dogs with human lips are currently a sensation on Tiktok.

  • Among the videos, dogs have been compared to Kyle Jenner or Maybelline commercials.

  • One of the dogs belonged to Laurel (50). She explains that her dog’s lips sometimes get caught in his teeth, which makes it look like they’re kissing.

“Why does my dog ​​have human lips?” A woman is currently asking herself this in a Tiktok video that has already been viewed more than 17,000 times on the social media platform. Her dog has become an internet sensation with his noticeably fuller lips.

Among the videos, users compare lips to Kyle Jenner or a Maybelline ad. Someone even asks if the dog can whistle with those lips, and another if he just came back from his visit to the plastic surgeon. But everyone agrees: the dog is incredibly cute.

Lips stuck to his teeth

Account holder and dog Laurel (50). She took the video because she thought it was so sweet when her dog kissed her lips. Kennedy told News & Media that the dog always seemed to kiss her. “Sometimes my dog’s lips stick together with his teeth and it looks like his lips have been injected,” says Laurel.

On Tiktok, however, my darling Laurel isn’t the only dog ​​going viral because of his lips. Other users also show their dogs with plump lips in various videos. There are now videos of dogs supposedly having human eyes.

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