June 22, 2024

Italy: Migrants hijack a ship – 20 minutes


Migrants hijack a cargo ship – the Navy intervenes

Armed with knives and carpet cutters, migrants from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq overwhelm the crew of the Galata Seaways freighter.


The Italian Navy has liberated the Galata Seaways cargo ship off the coast of Naples, whose crew has been overwhelmed by migrants armed with knives.

20 minutes / JD

  • Migrants kidnap the crew of the Galata Seaways freighter.

  • They were overwhelmed by the Italian Navy off the coast of Naples.

  • The cargo ship was en route from Türkiye to France.

Italian Special Forces immigrants have been overwhelmed, who hijacked a cargo ship off the coast of Naples. Several people from a group of 15 who had been stowing away aboard the Galata Seaways liner which was sailing from Turkey to France overpowered the crew on Friday, authorities reported, and threw the ship off course.

The Italian Navy, boarded by helicopters, ended the operation and arrested the attackers. They were armed with knives and carpet cutters. “Everything went well,” Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto wrote on Twitter.

after we ship Under the Turkish flag On the way, they were directed to further police checks in the port of Naples in the evening, and three of the fifteen migrants were reported. The ANSA news agency, referring to the Ministry of Health in Naples, quoted two women – including a pregnant woman – and two men to hospitals. The other migrants, who told police they were from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, were taken to a refugee reception centre.

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On Saturday evening, Galata Seaways then left the southern Italian city bound for Sète in southern France.

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