June 20, 2024

Egypt: Tourist yacht burns – 3 people missing

The Red Sea

A fire broke out on a tourist yacht off the Egyptian coast – 3 people were missing

A fire broke out in the tornado on Sunday. Of the 27 people on board, 24 were rescued, and three people are still missing.


Three people are missing after the hurricane’s yacht caught fire off the Egyptian coast.


  • A yacht caught fire in the Red Sea on Sunday.

  • The “hurricane” rescued 24 people, and there is still no trace of three others.

  • The ship had left Port Ghalib on June 6.

Three British tourists are missing after a boat fire during a cruise in the Red Sea, Egypt. The boats that rushed to the rescue succeeded in saving 24 people. Local authorities said a total of 27 people were on board the ship, including 15 British tourists, 10 crew members and two tour guides. So all rescued are fine.

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The ‘Hurricane’ was on its way to the famous Elphinstone Reef to observe sharks and dolphins. While vacationers and tour guides were discussing diving, the disaster began: “Today at 6.30am Elphinstone caught fire during the pre-dive meeting,” Mohamed Samir of Egyptian tour operator Tornado Marine Fleet explains to RTL.

Three people are missing

The passengers of the “Hurricane” were brought ashore by another boat. According to Egyptian media, they headed to the beach in the village of Marsa al-Shajara. She said they were unharmed and fine. However, three British passengers are missing since the fire. “The search for them continues,” says Mohammed.

According to local authorities, preliminary investigations revealed that there was a short circuit in the engine room that was the cause of the fire. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has also launched an investigation.
The boat reportedly left Port Ghalib on 6 June and was scheduled to return on Sunday.

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