December 4, 2023

It is possible to send British forces to Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers participate in the international military exercise “Rapid Trident-2017” at the shooting range.
Yuri Dyashishin/AFP via Getty Images

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps announced that he wants to send British forces to Ukraine.

He told The Telegraph that he wanted to bring military training closer to the country and actually get inside it.

Given the ongoing Russian invasion, Ukraine relies on international allies for training and equipment.

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British forces were able to do this for the first time Sent to Ukraine To train soldiers there while Ukraine and its international allies intensify their training efforts on the ground.

Grant Shapps, British Defense Secretary, said in an interview TelegraphThat he and his military commanders have a plan to… Mobilization of British forces discussion.

Shapps told the newspaper: “I spoke today about bringing training closer to Ukraine.” “Especially in the west of the country, I think there is now an opportunity to bring more things into the country.”

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The plan represents a radical change in course as the UK and other allies had previously avoided establishing a formal military presence in the region – wanting to avoid direct conflict with Russia.

Shapps said so British defense companies How BAE Systems not only provides on-site training in Ukraine, but also moves production facilities to the country. He hopes more British companies will follow suit.

“I am keen for other British companies to play their part by doing the same,” Shapps said, according to The Telegraph. “So I think there will be a movement to get more training and production in the country.”

The British fleet could head to the Black Sea

Shapps also floated the idea that the British Navy could help Ukraine in the Black Sea.

“Britain is a maritime nation so we can help and advise, especially as these are international waters,” Shapps told The Telegraph, adding that he had discussed the plan with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky earlier this week.

He continued: “It is important that we do not allow international shipping to stop in these waters. “So I think there are a lot of places where the UK can provide advice.”

Representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Grant Shapps’ office did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s requests for comment.

Ukraine relies on its international allies as the Russian invasion of the country continues 19 months ago. It needs military training, equipment and humanitarian aid. But officials outside Ukraine are reluctant to send troops into the country, for fear of escalating the ongoing conflict.

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The United States mobilized about 4,000 soldiers To defend NATO countries bordering UkraineThey provided military training on American soil. But they have refused to send soldiers directly to fight in Ukraine, although there are a small number of special operations forces stationed at the embassy in Kiev to assist with reconnaissance missions, such as ABC News reports.

I reported earlier this month NBC NewsPentagon officials have begun discussing whether to bring U.S. troops stationed on the Ukraine border home or replace them with new soldiers.

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