June 17, 2024

It is not intended to be compatible with all games on Steam

It is not intended to be compatible with all games on Steam

From Claus Ludwig
Valve is currently testing the handheld Steam Deck for compatibility with games from the Steam Store. There are currently a few video games that are not compatible.

For only 419 euros you can use handheld games Steam Deck Games for PC from Steam Library Play. Manufacturer Valve assumes that “hardware can be sold in the millions” and that the project is being funded by digital game sales on Steam. Handheld devices will be delivered to pre-orders from the end of February. Now the results of the compatibility tests conducted by Valve are known. So not all games available on Steam have to be Steam Deck compatible.

These games are not currently running on Steam Deck

Of the 38 games tested, you have to make minor adjustments to 24 titles, for example manually changing the graphics settings, so that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt It works smoothly. However, there are also five PC games currently available on Steam that are not on Steam Deck and have not yet been adapted by the developers. Currently unplayable PC games include:

  • Factory
  • Job Simulator
  • Persona 4 Golden
  • blue

After successful modification by the respective developers, these titles can also get a certificate logo. All games tested and compatible with Valve will receive a logo and rating to let users know that the title can also be played on Steam Deck. In addition to graphics, including text sizes, Valve also examined the four-point controls, smoothness (how is access to the player designed?) and system support, that is, the compatibility of the game with the Linux version and with – cheating tools. The logo is not currently available on Steam, but there is SteamDB Overview With games already tested for compatibility.

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Steam Deck Compatibility Kit:

  • Valve has released the first Steam Deck compatibility test results. All compatible titles will receive a labeled logo.
  • Currently, five games tested cannot be used with Steam Deck. These include Factorio and Persona 4 Golden.
  • Steam Deck will be delivered for pre-orders at the end of February.

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