June 16, 2024

Nintendo introduces the new game mechanics in more detail

The fourth part of the Pikmin series will be released in July. In a new trailer, Nintendo not only shows off a number of new ideas about the game world, but also introduces some new game mechanics and content in a bit more detail, including night missions.

Pikmin 4…
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In Pikmin 4, players follow an SOS signal to a mysterious planet. A group of space travelers crashed there and must now be rescued. The Pikmin creatures that inhabit this planet have proven to be very useful helpers. Also present: Otschin rescue dog, who can destroy obstacles, carry heavy objects or cross water.

late hour assignments

As Nintendo shows in the latest video, nighttime expeditions are possible in Pikmin 4 for the first time. However, caution is advised here, as all creatures become especially dangerous at night and attack glowing structures that produce precious glowing juice. However, in the form of luminous Pikmin, very useful helpers are available in the dark.

In additional context in the video, Nintendo also explains what Dandori Duels are about, what players can experience in base camp and why it might be worth exploring the world beneath the surface.

Pikmin 4 will be released on July 21, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. A free trial will be available from June 29, and game progress can be carried over to the full version.