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Ice Hockey - “This title is the most important”: Zug's Noemi Rainer is Swiss Champion with Lugano

Ice Hockey – “This title is the most important”: Zug’s Noemi Rainer is Swiss Champion with Lugano

Ice hockey

“This title is the most important”: Zug’s Noemi Ryhner is Swiss Champion with Lugano

Young Noemi Rehner talks in an interview about her third championship title, exemplary teamwork and her future.

Noemi Rhyner with the Championship Cup in Cornèr-Arena: Lugano Ladies improved the qualifiers.

Photo: Loredana Giannettoni (Lugano, Mar 28, 2021)

Noemi Ryhner, you just won your third championship title with Ladies Lugano with your final 3–1 victory over ZSC Lions. What did this title mean to you in your first year at Lugano?

Noemi Ryhner: It’s a special title, in an exceptional season with a great team. This gold medal means more to me than my previous two titles. It’s the first title that I can say I actively contributed to.

In qualifying, Lugano wasn’t always able to convince, including losing three times to final opponent ZSC Lions. However, the team improved in the qualifiers. Was the series near the semi-finals against Torgau the key to winning the final?

I think so too. It felt like she was running uphill. And the recent victory against Thurgau may have put us back in limbo and raised us to where we can defeat the ZSC Lions in the Final.

What made the difference?

On the one hand, there are a lot of little things that we made a little better. On the other hand, the experience of our team as a whole definitely made a difference. Additionally, we took fewer fines, while ZSC Lions received repeated fines at crucial moments. This is more likely to happen to a younger team.

You are playing in the “most successful storm streak” in the entire league. Your streak has scored 60 percent of all Lugano goals. How easy is it to play alongside an exceptional talent like Michelle Carvinen?

You have made it easy for me. I was able to benefit from it a lot, especially from the speed in our streak. Raceli and Karvinen are two very experienced players who helped me advance personally and play. Additionally, Karvinen is a team player who has always been a role model in their behavior and advice.

Many envious people discount Lugano’s eighth championship title to Exceptional Finnish Talent. What do you think?

I don’t see it like this at all: the championship title is a success for the team, even if our streak often scores the most decisive goals. For a title it takes everyone, from goalkeeper to top scorer. The opponent’s shot must be blocked and you must play your goal, from defense to attack. It takes more than one player.

The season is not over yet. Preparations for the World Cup in Cham continue immediately.

Yes, without interruption. I actually trained at Sham on Monday evening.

The World Cup at the beginning of May will be special. what are you expecting? What are your goals?

It is true. We have two quarantine stages – one in Switzerland and the other on site – before we start the final stage of preparation in Canada. I expect a lot from our team. Most of us manage to train together all year round. We want to try and take a trip to the favorites, even if we’re “little Swiss women”.

And next season: Are you still playing in Lugano?

If I stay in Switzerland, I will definitely play in Lugano.

Does this mean you are also looking for a commitment abroad in the Olympic year?

Nothing is currently planned. If something becomes tangible, I will definitely check it. After the Olympics, my goal is to play in Sweden.

So there’s no longer a “proper storm streak” Carvinen Ruselie Rehner?

I don’t think so, I think Michelle Karvinen will return to Sweden or another league.

Ice hockey

“This title is the most important”: Zug’s Noemi Rhyner is Swiss Champion with Lugano

At Interviwe, 21-year-old Noemi Ryhner talks about her third championship title, exemplary teamwork, and her future.

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