December 7, 2023

M-Sport Ford confirms the use of hybrid / WRC vehicles

M-Sport Ford confirms the use of hybrid / WRC vehicles

M-Sport Ford has confirmed that it will use new hybrid-technology vehicles from next season in accordance with new regulations at the World Rally Championship.

This new commitment strengthens the relationship between M-Sport and the company’s eco-friendly seal of “Blue Oval”, a partnership that has achieved great success over more than two decades. Since working closely with Ford, M-Sport has achieved seven FIA World Rally Championships, 61 wins, 262 podiums and over 1,500 characters. This makes M-Sport Ford one of the most successful sporting partnerships with an unbroken record of 258 points in a row.

The introduction of hybrid technology in the FIA ​​World Rally Championship signals a pioneering development at the highest level in the sport. M-Sport Ford continues to strive for the best results with this new rally technology. The commitment also ensures the M-Sport continues to rally, the jobs are maintained and the technical expertise improved at the team headquarters at Dovenby Hall.

In line with Ford’s global strategy to create a more sustainable future, the world’s toughest car production championship is now fully committed to adopting green technologies. M-Sport Ford does its best to continue the successful partnership.

Malcolm Wilson OBE, Managing Director of M-Sport said: “Our sport has always had a role to play in keeping pace with the times, and this commitment to hybrid technology aligns with the future of the rally with Ford’s global commitment to a more sustainable future. Rally is an ideal platform to test, develop and enhance the latest in road vehicle technology. This development is an essential part of the importance and continuity of our sport. ”

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Wilson added: “It has also been integral to continuing our successful partnership with Ford and securing the near future for M-Sport at the FIA ​​World Rally Championship. Over the past two decades we’ve done some cool things and developed some of the most successful cars and drivers in the championship. Working closely with Ford Performance, we aim to continue this success until 2022 and developments in our latest competitor will continue to be tested here in the UK and America. There is still a long way to go, but we are determined to present another rally winner as the world heads towards a more sustainable future. “