Ice hockey at the Olympics: Germany loses to the United States

DrHis unsatisfactory feeling that he was well-meaning but poorly led to an extra burden on the German national ice hockey team’s players and coaches, which they could have done without him. In search of quick solutions, they had to consider tactical options so they could pause for a moment in the crowded Olympic program.

Die Partie gegen China, die nur mit einem knappen 3:2 endete und allerlei Unzulässigkeiten bot, hatte zur unliebsamen Folge, dass Gedanken in den Hinterköpfen keimten, es könnte womöglich dot zur unliebsamen Folge, dass Gedanken in den Hinterköpfen keimten, es könnte womöglich dot zur sehluse nicit Schinzleis nicis ni requirement. In any case, against Canada (1:5), there was little to be seen in the brave approach taken by Tony Soderholm and his comrades-in-arms. Obviously, not everyone was able to handle the pressure of expectations as planned.

Therefore, the national coach decided 24 hours after the match against China and at the end of the preliminary round against the United States to modify all the offensive lines. The project only partially worked as intended: on Sunday evening Team USA 2:3 defeated the completely revamped German group (1:1, 0:1, 1:1). They continued their quarter-final match against Slovakia on Tuesday. “It was our best performance here by far, we don’t need to hide in terms of playing,” Corbinian Holzer said afterwards.

With his personnel changes, Söderholm ensured more stability and at the same time penetration of power – but in general it was not enough. The 43-year-old also made a goal change against North America. Matthias Niederberger left Berlin and recalled Danny from Munich instead. A character should not be devoid of ridicule to those affected. Niederberger will leave the capital in the summer to be number one among the polar bears to join the Red Bull EHC team with high standards.

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