July 16, 2024

Russia: Roman Kostomarov wakes up from coma

Russia: Roman Kostomarov wakes up from coma

Amputation of the feet and hands

Russian Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov has woken up from a coma

Roman Kostomarov (46), Russia’s 2006 Olympic figure skating champion, has woken up from an induced coma. He can breathe on his own again – and begins to move, but his condition remains critical.


Roman Costomaro, 46, woke up from an induced coma.


  • The 2006 Russian Olympic figure skating champion, Roman Kostomaro, developed severe pneumonia.

  • To save his life, his feet and parts of his hands were amputated.

  • Now Kostomarow has woken up from the artificial coma.

Roman Costomaru (46 years old) suffered from severe pneumonia on January 10 as a result of an initially controllable Covid infection. His health continued to decline. Added massive circulatory disorders, gangrene and dying tissues. To save his life, he had to go to Moscow Amputation of the feet and parts of the hands. As a result, he had a cerebral hemorrhage and strokes. Now Kostomarov has awakened from the induced coma. According to Russian media reports, he can even breathe on his own again and start moving.

It takes time for him to regain full consciousness

The attending physicians still have great concerns about Kosumaros health. Despite the amputations that have occurred, there is progressive necrosis: This means that cells and tissues are still dying irretrievably, Bild reports.

One of the participants in the trial told the Russian News Agency: “He is gradually regaining consciousness, he is already able to move a little. It will take some time before he fully regains consciousness. However, one can see a positive dynamic in his condition.

“Everything must be rebuilt.”

According to reports, Kostomarov is not yet fully conscious. In addition to Olympic gold in Turin in 2006, the 46-year-old has also won two world championships and three European titles.

A psychiatrist accompanies Kostomarov’s sobering up, as reported by Woman.ru. Neuropsychologist Bibigol Kuşlewa told the portal about his recovery process: “He has to accept himself as a different person and learn how to live differently. Many blows of fate await him, and above all the realization that his life will never be the same again. He was an ice skater, His legs were a pillar in his profession, and now he is born again, everything must be rebuilt. The psychologist will teach his mind and his brain to live in other coordinates, other realities.

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