June 16, 2024

This is in the Olympic program on Monday

This is in the Olympic program on Monday

On Monday comes the women’s ice hockey semifinals. In addition, Sarah Hoflin and Mathilde Grimaud compete in the italic swimming qualifiers.

The basics in brief

  • On Monday, at 5.10 am, the Swiss national team will play Canada for a place in the final.
  • Sarah Hoflin and Mathilde Grimaud begin the downhill swimming qualifications.

The start of the week at the 2022 Olympics has some tidbits in store. In addition to the semi-finals from Eisgenossinen, Sarah Hoflin’s title defense in downhill style is also at risk.

In the Big Air Ski Jump, the snowboarders jump to the finals. The two Swiss teams compete on the Ice Channel to qualify for the final.

Do you follow the Beijing Olympics?

2:30 am: Snowboardingwoman, big air qualification

It is not only free runners who throw themselves into battle, but also ice skaters. For them, we got over the big hill to qualify for the Big Air. Ariane Puri And Bianca Geisler Show their amazing tricks to create the ultimate cut for the final.

02.30 and 04.00: Bobmonobob , womanRun the third and fourth

Melanie Hasler Want to come home with an Olympic diploma? In monopop she was already on her way after day one. Now you want to defend a sixth-middle position in races 3 and 4.

03.00 and 04.00: Ski free styleSlopestyle Rehabilitation

Sarah Hoflin And Mathilde Grimaud They want to repeat their double victory four years ago. After weather-related cancellations on Sunday, qualification begins on Monday only.

5:10 am: ice hockeyAnd womansemi-finals

After 4.2 scenes beat the Russians, they are allies in the semi-finals. A real piece awaits coach Colin Muller’s team. The team from Canada is the favorite in the tournament. In the group stage, the Swiss had no chance and fell by 1:12. Will there be revenge in the semi-finals?

06:25: Snowboardingmen, big air qualification

Snowboarders have priority in Big Air Ski Jumps. When women complete their qualifications, it’s serious about their peers. Representing Switzerland at the 2022 Olympics Jonas Bossigger And Nicholas Huber employment. After disappointment in downhill swimming, the athletes are challenged.

07.05: the netAnd menrobin’s round

Swiss medal dreams are still alive. Lost after three consecutive victories maiden against Italy on Sunday. Will there be a reaction against England?

08.00 and 08.45: Ski free styleQualifications

also Alexandra Berg I had to wait on Sunday. The antenna competition will not start until Monday due to the weather. If Barr survives qualifying, the final is waiting for 12.00 pm.

12:00 pm.: Ski NorthSki jump menFirst round team

How far do snowboarders fly from Switzerland? Simon AmmanGregor Deschwanden, Kylian Pierre and Dominic Peter Start at noon with the first round of the competition.

1:05 pm and 2:40 pm: Bobtwo men bob , menfirst round

In the afternoon, the two-man bobs descended on the Yanqing Ice Track. Go to Switzerland Simon Friedley / Andreas Haas Like Michael Vogt and Sandro Michel in the race.

13.05: the netAnd womanrobin’s round

Five wins from five matches: Silvana Terenzoni Share. The tournament started perfectly. Will it follow a win number six against Sweden?

Other decisions in the 2022 Olympics

2:15 am: Snowboardingdancing on Ice free dance

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