May 21, 2024

Hypertension, Diabetes & Co: Four Types of Sleep That Often Make You Sick – The World of Sleep

A study conducted by Penn State College at Penn State now confirms that sleep quality has a direct impact on an individual's risk of developing the disease. The researchers divided more than 3,600 participants into four types of sleep:

The first type: good sleepers

These people have ideal sleep habits and benefit from regular, adequate and deep sleep.

The second type: those who sleep on the weekend

These people do not sleep enough during the week but try to make up for their vacation days.

The third type: those with insomnia

You regularly experience long periods of sleep, short sleep stages or difficulty staying asleep, and experience extreme fatigue during the day.

The fourth type: sleepers

These people sleep well at night, but take frequent naps during the day.

Long-term assessment shows high risks

The results, published in the specialized journal “Psychiatry”, in a long-term evaluation, show that people who suffer from insomnia in particular have a high risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and decreased physical and mental performance.

Daytime sleepers who take regular naps also show a slightly increased risk of diabetes, cancer and frailty. However, people who nap only occasionally have no increased risk of chronic disease.

The original text of this article comes from “Four types of sleep that make you sick more often.” Glomax.

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