May 19, 2024

The Academy of Sciences has 34 new members

At its annual elective meeting, the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) admitted 34 additional members to the scientific community based on their scientific achievements. 16 female researchers complete the membership team. In addition, 17 researchers and non-binary people have been appointed, the ÖAW announced on Monday.

The Academy is divided into the “Historical-Philosophical Class” and the “Scientific-Mathematical Class”, where there are honorary members, “real” and “corresponding” members. There is also a “Youth Academy” as the third pillar of the educated society.

Indologist Richard J. Salomon, who works in the USA at the University of Washington, is in the Historical Philosophy class as an honorary member. The new real members are music archaeologist Stefan Hagel of the Austrian Archaeological Institute (ÖAI), part of the ÖAW, added lawyer Paul Oberhammer of the University of Vienna.

In the Mathematics and Natural Sciences class, physicist Walter Kučera from the University of Vienna is now a new honorary member, and there are also five new real members: mathematician Adrian Constantin (University of Vienna) and plant biologist Liam Dolan (Gregor). Mendel of Molecular Sciences).

ÖAW also accepted 15 corresponding members from home and abroad as well as ten young researchers into the Youth Academy. “The academy remains excellent and has become a bit more diverse with the election of new members,” ÖAW President Heinz Fassmann was quoted as saying in the statement.