How does espionage work and who is the victim?

The latest developments

Using the Israeli Pegasus surveillance program, several countries have apparently spied on hundreds of journalists, human rights activists, opposition politicians and businessmen.

Pegasus monitoring software is used to spy on cell phones.

Karen Hoover / NZ

The latest developments

  • In Germany, in addition to the police, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) also used the Pegasus spy program. This is the result of joint research by Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, West Deutscher Rundfunks and Nord Deutscher Rundfunks, published on Friday, October 8. chest had become. According to “Zeit”, the Chancellery approved the operation. It is not known how and where the BND uses the Pegasus abroad. Neither the German Federal Intelligence Service nor the Chancellery wanted to comment on the media companies’ request.
  • The Emir of Dubai wanted to monitor the cell phone of his ex-wife Haja. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum attempted to use the Pegasus spyware to spy on mobile phones thus violating British laws and violating human rights, the High Court in London announced on Wednesday October 6. In addition to his ex-wife, their lawyers and other staff members are said to have been affected. Sheikh Mohammed, as the emir of Dubai and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, one of the country’s most powerful men, denied the hacking allegations. But the court came to the conclusion that the surveillance attempts were made on behalf of the sheikh.
  • Apple has published a software update that aims to close a vulnerability in the manufacturer’s devices that was exploited by the Pegasus spyware. The vulnerability was discovered by scientists at Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, where it was published on Monday, September 13. According to expert estimates, it affects about 1.65 million devices worldwide. Apple recommends that all users install the software update as soon as possible. to report
  • Swiss authorities also used the controversial Pegasus spyware – and may still do so today. Several sources confirm to NZZ that it was used between summer 2017 and fall 2018. There are indications that the software is still used by the federal government today. to report

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