How Britain prevents people from traveling

W.When learning to travel, the traveler learns a lot about the new UK self-image. The country, which has produced this type of travel literature and has presented itself as “global Britain” since Brexit, is shutting itself down and systematically discouraging people from leaving or visiting the country. While the mass of indoor contact decreases thanks to a successful vaccination campaign, contact with the outside world is prevented as much as possible. Standards are no longer the old partners on the continent, but island nations like Australia and New Zealand.

Travel is prohibited, which is why departure from London begins with uncertainty. Unlike Germany, visits abroad are not only recommended – they are, in the words of the Prime Minister, “illegal” and therefore punishable by law. According to the government website, anyone wanting to leave the island should be able to make and document “reasonable excuses” as well. The items you belong to may be intentionally hidden on the countless pages that the government uses to report pandemic-compliant behavior. However, family visits are only included if you can provide an invitation to a funeral. It is likely that “work” will be accepted.

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