June 21, 2024

Someone with a British passport (credit: Ethan Wilkinson)

Her Majesty’s Passport Office relies on DXC technology for digital transformation


DXC . Technology (NYSE: DXC), one of the world’s leading Fortune 500 IT services providers, has now been selected to transform and operate the mission-critical IT infrastructure of Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) in the United Kingdom.

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Someone with a British passport (credit: Ethan Wilkinson)

Building on a 12-year relationship between DXC and HMPO, the organizations signed a 5-year agreement worth up to $37 million. As part of this agreement, DXC will provide digital platform services to HMPO to meet the growing need for British passports.

HMPO issues between 6 and 7 million passports to British citizens in the UK and abroad each year. Beginning in April 2022, DXC will provide support, maintenance, and development for HMPO digital platforms as part of the Digital Future Services program.

Philippa Manley, director of digital services and projects at HMPO, said: “For more than 12 years, DXC has demonstrated its commitment and reliability across a wide range of services. The company understands our work environment and shares our commitment to creating societal value. In this latest phase of modernization, we will continue to improve Efficiency and security of our IT infrastructure and providing citizens with a more user-friendly service.”

“We are pleased to cement our position as a trusted partner for the UK Government,” said Steve Turbie, DXC Head of Technology EMEA. “Through this agreement, we are helping to ensure that HMPO has the undisclosed IT resources it needs to provide critical services to UK citizens.”

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Via HM Passport Office

For more information about HM Passport Office visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-passport-office/about

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