May 23, 2024

He disappeared 30 years ago without a trace: he was found in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

She disappeared 30 years ago without a trace – and now Patricia has reappeared alive

One day, Patricia Copta disappeared without a trace – everyone assumed she was dead, and more than 30 years later she reappeared in a nursing home in Puerto Rico.


Patricia Copta disappeared without trace more than 30 years ago.


  • Bob Kupta reported the disappearance of his wife, Patricia, in 1992.

  • He searched for it for years – always without success.

  • Everyone thought she was dead, but she was found in a nursing home in Puerto Rico.

One night she just disappeared – never to appear again. Until now: A woman from Pennsylvania who had been missing for more than three decades has been found in Puerto Rico found alive. Her name is Patricia Copta and her husband reported her missing in 1992 when she could not return home.

Patricia Copta was known as a street preacher under the name “The Sparrow”. She was already suffering before she disappeared of mental problemsAs her husband said at a police news conference on Thursday. Among other things, I also talked about going to Puerto Rico, where it’s warm.

In a nursing home in Puerto Rico

This is where they are found. And this despite the fact that, according to his statement, her husband was intensely looking for his beloved. “It cost me a lot of money. I even put ads in a Puerto Rican newspaper looking for it.”

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It was found only 31 years after the disappearance. “We have been contacted by an Interpol agent and a Puerto Rican social worker who believes she is in a nursing home,” said Brian Kohlhepp, deputy chief of police in the town of Ross.

As early as 1999 – just seven years after her disappearance – Patricia was marked as needing care. For years she was silent about her private life. This changed when she developed dementia.

DNA test confirms identity

You are now identified with DNA test Certain. In addition to the husband, the other family members are completely shocked by the unexpected discovery. “I can’t believe it,” Patricia’s sister Gloria Smith said. “It was a complete shock.

And she continued, “We thought she had died all these years. We did not expect that. It was a great shock when I learned that she was still alive. We are very happy and I hope to visit her.”

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