June 24, 2024

Guilty Gear Season 2 roadmap - the next DLC released this summer

Guilty Gear Season 2 roadmap – the next DLC released this summer

In the course of the semi-world championship in terms of combat matches in Evolution Championship Series (Evo for short), the initial roadmap for Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Season 2 has been released. Unfortunately, Arc System Works has remained very vague about the content.

The most important news first: we can talk about Sixth Character DLC distance Bacon Be happy. But who will be unknown. With a bit of luck, the trailer for this character could be available the Sunday before Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Top 8. However, that’s around 5 our afternoon.

But back to what we know for sure: Two of the major tech criticisms will also be addressed in the summer. no Input delay on PS5as well Very long connection times should be shortened when starting the game on PC. These are two points of criticism that have accompanied the game since its release and are now finally being addressed.

In the September This year there is that Worldwide multiplayer beta test for PS4/5 and Steam. The same cross-play update and a seventh DLC character will follow later in the fall. Then the conclusion of 2022 is formed Balance patch in winter.

Not specified except with 2023 is then done DLC Character 8 and 9 + Every new stage.

Summarizing the roadmap for Season 2 again briefly:

  • Summer 2022
    • 6.DLC Char
    • Additional character colors
    • Reduce Steam login time and PS5 entry delay
  • Autumn 2022
    • Multi-game beta testing worldwide in September
    • Via game update
    • Seventh DLC character
  • Winter 2022
  • 2023
    • Eighth and Ninth DLC Char
    • Third and fourth additional stages
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