April 23, 2024

GTA Online: Double rewards in Motor Wars, Drift Racing, and more

The new week of content in the long-time favorite GTA Online is aimed primarily at car fans, because this time they will benefit from rewards and more in several ways.

Rockstar Games is offering double GTA$ and RP in various car-related areas in GTA Online's new content week. You can get rewards in Motor Wars and in drift races; You can also expect them to be at the top photographing animals.

In the context of the focus on vehicles, there are also the following other actions this week:

  • a Free HVY T-Shirt When you buy HVY MTW, HVY Insurgent Pickup or HVY Chernobog – all 40% cheaper
  • Target vehicles for scrap metal theft: Willard Eudora, Truffade Z-Type and Dewbauchee Vagner
  • This week in the Simeons Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom: Donor Sterling GT, Canis Seminole Frontier, Western Cliffhanger, Hijack Ruston, Western Rat Bike
  • In the luxury car showroom: Albany Cavalcade XL, Grasp FR36
  • The prize car at the LS Car Meet: Finish in the top three in the LS Car Meet Series two days in a row and earn a Vapid Winky
  • Test vehicles at the LS Car Meet: Anais S80RR, Donor Shafter LWB, Grotty Cheetah
  • HSW premium test car: Armed Pegasi Ignos
  • Main prize on Wheel of Fortune: HVY Knight Co

You can also secure all kinds of discounts if you want to get your GTA$ out among the crowd. This time it looks like this:

  • Vehicle Discounts:
    40% off B-11 Strike Force, HVY MTW, HVY Insurgent Pickup and HVY Chernobog,
    30% off Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec and armed Pegassi Ignus
  • 25% discount on scrap trading, improvements and customizations
  • Arms transfer discounts: 30% on Pump Shotgun and 30% on Precision Shotgun (only with GTA+)

For paid members GTA+ Finally there:

  • Free Pfister 811 (super sports car) at the Vinewood Car Club showroom,
  • saint patrick's day clothes,
  • new chameleon paint,
  • 50% increase in GTA$ and RP in the original Heists finals and more
GTA Online – Cluckin Bell Heist trailer released

The new Cluckin Bell Heist is now available in GTA Online.

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