December 7, 2023

Greta Thunberg criticizes Joe Biden's climate policy

Greta Thunberg criticizes Joe Biden’s climate policy

Berlin. Climate activist Greta Thunberg, in an interview, criticized the climate policy of the new US president, Joe Biden. Science shows that his current strategies are not sufficient to stop global warming in the long term. She called on politicians to treat climate change as a real crisis and not just another item on the political agenda.

In the interview with the American news channel MSNBC Thunberg said she does not want to evaluate Joe Biden’s climate policy. Instead, politicians should focus on the scientific facts. Then you see US climate policy “almost not in line with the science”. The climate activist said: “It is not I who say this, this is looking at the facts.”

Deal with climate change as a fundamental crisis

US President Joe Biden had already called for the United States to join the Paris Agreement shortly after taking office. The country left this under the leadership of Donald Trump. But this is not enough for Greta Thunberg. She stressed that she did not want to be in the place of politicians in the current difficult times, but at the same time urged Biden to address the climate crisis for what it was: a fundamental crisis. “Treating climate change as a crisis is the most important step we can take,” Thunberg said.

Meanwhile, Thunberg announced that she did not want to tell the US president what to do – because that was not democratic. “Democracy is our most valuable thing,” Al Suwaidi said. Public awareness of the dangers of climate change still needs to be increased.

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