May 18, 2024

Great Britain: Slow Down Demo Tactic: Sunak Rails Against “Saboteurs”

England Demo Tactics Drops: Chunak Rails against “Saboteurs”.

“With our new laws we will oppress the majority against the minority”: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Photograph

© Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/dpa

Traffic jams by climate activists are not a purely German phenomenon. In Great Britain too, climate activists are disrupting critical infrastructure. The British government did not want to accept it.

The Conservative British government wants to severely punish protest tactics such as slow-walking on motorways. “The public wants us to stop the self-interested vandals who are disrupting their lives – so do I,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told the Sun Sunday newspaper. The people of the country deserve “law-abiding citizens to be protected from minorities who want to destroy their lives.”

A ban on slowing down to obstruct road traffic failed in the Upper House. As a result, Interior Minister Suella Braverman issued an order for police officers to take action in the future.

The British government has already tightened the right to protest, particularly in the face of large-scale protests from climate protection groups from Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil. More recently, Parliament passed legislation that would make blockades of critical infrastructure such as roads, airports and railways punishable by prison terms. Additionally, chaining yourself is now illegal. Police can stop and search anyone suspected of planning “serious disruption”. Civil rights activists warn that the conservative government is leading the country toward dictatorship.

“Britons have a glorious summer celebration,” Sunack said of Charles III’s coronation. “We will, by our new laws, act in favor of the majority against the minority,” he declared.

The opposition accused Sunak of making empty promises. The Social Democratic Workers Party said they only wanted to create headlines to distract from his failure to fight crime. The police already have all the necessary powers.

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