7 vs Wild Season 3: Wildcard Video 1923 – Is it enough to get in?

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YouTuber “UrlagEntertainments” 7 vs. Nostalgia has applied for a 3rd season of Wild via video. The video went viral in no time.

Canada – 7 vs. Wild is also looking for wildcard contestants for season 3 survival format. To do this, small YouTubers need to upload an app video and set an appropriate hashtag. YouTuber UrlagEntertainments followed up the call and promoted it in a very cool way: he filmed a nostalgic video based on 1923 and wanted to travel to Canada with old instruments.

title 7 vs Wild Season 3
Chapters I do not know
Production Fritz Meineke
As a participant 14
Type Survival Challenge, Bushcraft, Wilderness
form YouTube web series

7 vs. Wild Season 3: UrlagEntertainments with Nostalgic Wild Card Video – Is He There?

This video is about: The UrlagEntertainments YouTube channel has nearly 50,000 subscribers and Fritz Meinecke posted a great video with his resume shortly after announcing the wild card. About 7 minutes in, Willy, aka YouTuber, introduces himself and offers his arsenal of old survival gear. We’ve embedded a video of the app here:

How is the video received? After 2 days the video has already received 135,000 views. This is currently one of the most successful Season 3 Wildcard videos. A lot of fans are excited, and the wild card using older tools wants to survive for two weeks. Some say he’s “a huge asset to the show” or that he’s definitely needed there.

YouTuber UrlagEntertainments applies for 7 vs. Wild.

© YouTube: Urlag Entertainments

7 vs. Wild Season 3: UrlagEntertainment was last year’s favorite

This is the first application: UrlagEntertainments has already applied for a wildcard for Season 2. At the time, Fritz Meinecke responded to the video. At first, the creator of 7 vs. Wild was skeptical about what to think of the video’s style. Relatively quickly, however, he became enthusiastic about the details of the video and called the whole thing a “great application.” UrlagEntertainments was also accused of Nazism surrounding the application last year. However, the YouTuber quickly distanced herself from this and made it clear what her stance was on the matter. However, there are still some allegations that UrlagEntertainments cannot shake off.

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However, at that time, 7 vs. The Wild team decided against UrlagEntertainments and Joris. But last year, the YouTuber was considered one of the wild card favorites. Maybe it will work this year. These candidates are already: 7 Vs. Wild Season 3: Acceptance and Cancellation of Participants – These candidates may include

List of rubrics: © YouTube: UrlagEntertainments

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