June 14, 2024

Grace period for British .eu domains - onlinepc.ch

Grace period for British .eu domains – onlinepc.ch

The lights should really go out on March 31st for the nearly 80,000 domains UK people or companies have registered with EurID. But now the record gives the .eu domain a grace period.

Extension of deadline for holders of .eu domains without a registered office in the European Union: As previously mentioned, persons or companies with registered offices in Great Britain who have registered .eu domains must provide evidence of an address within the European Union, otherwise the registrations will expire. Domains are issued again after a waiting period of several months and can be re-registered by EU citizens or companies.

This step became necessary after the UK left the European Union. EurID, the registry that manages the .eu domain, has stated in its guidelines that only people or companies located within the European Union may have a .eu domain.

The new deadline is until 30 June

In the run-up to Brexit, EurID has repeatedly signaled the imminent end of British domain owners. At the start of the year there were still around 80,000 .eu domains that had been “put on hold” by EurID. This means that these domains are no longer connected and cannot be sold anymore.

Originally, EurID gave owners until March 31, 2021 to clarify their circumstances. The Brussels-based registry has now announced that the deadline will be extended until June 30, 2021. On July 1, all domains with no contact address within the European Union will automatically switch to ‘opt out’ mode, and the previous owner will not be able After that it is reactivated.

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Since the start of 2022, “quarantined” domains should be available again for new registrations. EurID did not say how many domains “paused” in January and reactivated since then.

However, one can assume that the majority of these are “file holders”, because since January 1, 2021, websites within these domain names are no longer accessible, and other services such as email are no longer functional.