Declaration of Foreign Ministers of the European Group of Three on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (23/02/21) – Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

We, the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France and the United Kingdom, deeply regret that today Iran began suspending the Additional Protocol and transparency measures under the Vienna Nuclear Agreement (JCPoA). With its measures, Iran is once again violating its obligations under the JCPoA and significantly reducing the examination procedures. And verification (safeguards) of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

E3 jointly confirms how serious this decision is. It severely restricts the IAEA’s access to safeguards-related facilities and information. This also limits the ability of the International Atomic Energy Agency – in accordance with its reporting mandate under Security Council Resolution 2231 – to monitor and verify Iran’s nuclear program and related activities.

We explicitly support the Director General and the General Secretariat of the International Atomic Energy Agency in their efforts to implement the necessary verification and monitoring of Iran’s nuclear obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in the current context, as confirmed by the Director General’s visit to Tehran on 20 and 21 February. We note the interim bilateral agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran that maintains access to certain information for a period of up to three months.

We urge Iran to end and reverse all measures to reduce transparency and ensure comprehensive and timely cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Our goal remains to maintain the JCPOA and support the ongoing diplomatic efforts to find a negotiated solution that allows Iran and the United States of America to return to full compliance with their obligations under the JCPOA. “

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