December 10, 2023

Case numbers are increasing in Germany ++ Criticism of the minimum age for booster vaccination

Case numbers are increasing in Germany ++ Criticism of the minimum age for booster vaccination

Development organizations have called on wealthy industrialized nations to make vaccines fairer in the event of a pandemic. Ahead of the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Leading Economic Community (G20) in Rome at the weekend, there was a special request for the release of vaccine patents and a fairer distribution of preparations against the coronavirus in the world. “To finally end the pandemic, we now need vaccine justice and a transparent timeline for when and how vaccine doses are shared,” Frederic Rueder of Global Citizen said today.

Oxfam found that only 1.8 per cent of the population in poor countries are vaccinated – compared to 63 per cent in rich countries. “No one is safe until everyone is safe,” said the beginning of the pandemic. The promise to ensure the equitable distribution of vaccines has not been kept. A majority of the G20 countries, led by South Africa and India, support the suspension of patents, while Germany, the European Union and Great Britain in particular oppose the proposals.

In order to achieve the goal set by the World Health Organization (WHO) of providing at least 70 percent of the world’s population with a Covid-19 vaccine by mid-2022, “much more must be done than before,” said Fiona Ollendal of the world. Vision. The goal of 40 per cent by the end of the year appears to be “barely unrealistic”. Vaccines “remain unfairly distributed despite generous expressions of solidarity”. By far, the bulk is reserved for rich countries, complained Oyendaal, who spoke of “vaccine nationalism.”

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The first organization also warned that at the current pace, the 70 per cent target would “suddenly be exceeded”. Without a course correction, two billion people will be without a vaccination by September 2022.