GP Cham-Hagendorn was full of excitement and was a complete success


GP Cham-Hagendorn with lots of action and international athletes

In the best competition conditions, the cyclists fought thrilling duels on the hillside road in Hagendoorn. Many guests managed to identify important accents.

The starting shot for the race fell.

Photo: Alexandra Wei (Cham, May 22, 2022)

The fireworks broke out in H├Ągendoorn GB on Sunday at the latest at 12am for the U19 women’s/men’s under-19 elite mixed race. The LUX cycling development team, who traveled from the US, averaged 45 km/h on the first lap, so it was an appalling speed.

Only a few athletes were able to respond to this tipping point, and the field split early on into various smaller groups made up of men and women under 19s. The guests on the outside pushed hard from the front and finally managed to put two of the three drivers into the crucial escape group.

The first places were fiercely fighting.

The first places were fiercely fighting.

Photo: Alexandra Wei (Cham, May 22, 2022)

Only a spirited final jump by local junior world champion Jan Kristen to second place could prevent the American double win. Among the women scattered behind, Femenen Chambery’s Annabelle Fischer was the best at taking advantage of the awkward race situation. She was able to break away from a group with the last remaining contender with an attack in the final stage and crossed the finish line on her own in a cheery pose.

As young Ukrainian drivers were in the beginning

Even before that, several young Ukrainian drivers participating in the Grand Prix made a very positive statement. At the beginning of the conflict, Ukrainians were captured on the Polish border under the leadership of Swiss Cycling in a typical relief operation created in a very short time. Since then, they have been taken care of in Switzerland so that they can continue their training. Some very good ratings especially Heorhii Chyzhykov’s victory in the U17s confirm the success of this commitment.

The public also benefited from the occasion.

The public also benefited from the occasion.

Photo: Alexandra Wei (Cham, May 22, 2022)

And in the men’s last elite race, things got to work at full speed right from the start. The Tudor cycling team, led by Fabian Cancellara as of next year, attempted to create a proper escape group with several attacks. However, it took a few rounds full of attacks and counterattacks before the Pentagram could break through and gain a critical lead of more than three minutes at times.

While the field failed to pick up the pace early enough and thus went out of business, a chase group of nearly four men managed to catch up, also due to the tactical gimmicks that eventually occurred. However, Tudor’s team was once again concerned about the decision. Represented by two men at the front, they skillfully exploited their numerical superiority, launching the race in time and saving the deserved winner with Alex Vogel.

In the junior categories, Kuno Schiess managed to podium at the RMV Cham-Hagendorn U15 Championships with third place and thus a respectable success.

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