April 13, 2024

Gianluca Pirrera

Gianluca Pereira is the new head of Iundf Media

With Gianluca Pirrera, a certified media expert who specializes in strategic business development leads the Iundf Media unit. This increases interdisciplinary competence within the group.

Gianluca Pirrera has been recruited as the spearhead of the media unit. Pirrera brings extensive experience in strategic business development, the ever-changing media business and the growing field of digital analytics and has already proven this many times in the past. This will add another specialist to the Iundf group of agencies team, who is very familiar with the Swiss media landscape. With its new suite of services, the Media Unit, which focuses on comprehensive media planning, data-driven marketing and integrated, multidisciplinary media strategies, offers a systematically expanded range of services to existing and new clients.

The Iundf Agency group consists of the Content and Shape Unit for Creation and Strategy, the Iundf Media Unit, the Iundf Marketing Technology Unit, the Metaverse Unit and the Web3 Iundf Neo.

With the addition of Gianluca Pirrera, the dealership group wants to emphasize its vision of the entire discipline – from idea to media and technology, everything comes from a single source.

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