December 10, 2023

In short: After the European Union, US senators to get a unified connection to charge smartphones +++ new Gmail web design is the standard offer |  News

In short: After the European Union, US senators to get a unified connection to charge smartphones +++ new Gmail web design is the standard offer | News

US senators want to require smartphone manufacturers to use a unified port
The EU’s standard charging connection has been around for a long time — and there are corresponding specs for smartphone providers in other regions and countries, which doesn’t bode well for the future of Apple’s Lightning port. After the European Union, the United States could also pass a similar resolution making USB-C a prerequisite.

Many US Senators financial support By the US Department of Commerce to start an interview list. Why: A standardized way to charge a variety of smartphones and other gadgets needs to be created. Unlike the EU, however, USB-C is not explicitly required – but the connection appears to be the most likely alternative to a law-matching. According to the senators, current proprietary standards such as Apple’s own Lightning connector lead to “planned obsolescence that is costly and disruptive to consumers.” According to the senators, the consequences of proprietary connections like Lightning are increased e-waste and unnecessary costs for customers.

On the other hand, mandatory standardization of connectivity leads to greater confidence and convenience when purchasing new devices, since it is possible to continue to use existing power supplies and cables. The EU decision, which states that USB-C is mandatory from autumn 2024, serves as a model. The Commerce Department has not yet publicly commented on the proposals. Moreover Brazil Work on the interview group. In the context of EU regulations, Apple is said to be planning to change USB-C early for iPhones anyway. According to reports, the iPhone 15 could be ready by 2023.

Google automatically enables the Material You theme for all users
Some time ago, Google announced a new “Material You” look for the Gmail webview. Not only does your internal email service have to be visually updated, but it also needs to be more user-friendly. The innovations include a light blue background in different shades (depending on the page element). In addition, the inbox list is more clearly marked and the write button behaves like its counterpart in the Android app.

source: 9to5google

After users were previously able to sign up for Gmail’s new design experience, Google recently changed its approach. The new interface now appears automatically to an increasing number of users, although the classic view can still be activated. Similar to Android updates, Google appears to be activating the new Gmail design in batches. A “Gmail only” view is also available, which hides additional services like chat and meeting. The Material You design is available to business customers via Google Workspace (excluding: Google Workspace Essentials) as well as to private users.