Marvel’s Avengers: The Mighty Thor Joins Jane Forster

Square Enix is ​​pleased to announce that Jane Foster – The Mighty Thor is now a playable hero marvel avengers Available. Team Heroes now includes ten heroes from all platforms, rising to 11 with PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man.

Mighty Thor offers a new way to experience the goddess of thunder who possesses Mjolnir, either alone or with friends. Her unique movement and combat abilities are a first-class addition to any strike team that completes missions in the Avengers Initiative.

in marvel avengers Jane Foster is the mighty bull, bearer of the myth Mjolnir. She is guided by her conscience and determination – and she is also an accomplished doctor. Not only did Jane have to deal with her own cancer diagnosis, but she also advocated for the inhumans after the A-Day incident until Mjolnir called her. To her surprise, she was able to easily pick him up and transformed into The Mighty Thor! In this form and with such strength, her cancer did not spread further, and she joined the Avengers when they gathered to fight AIM.

Due to the tachyon storms unleashed by AIM and the “Scientist Supreme,” Jane soon finds herself in a strange new world. She must now work with Jane Foster, who is already there, along with the rest of the Avengers, to investigate the controversies more closely.

a marvel avengers WARTABLE Deep Dive, based on The Mighty Thor, premiered on June 27 and provided a comprehensive look at the new heroine.

subordinate marvel avengers A WARTABLE deep dive on The Mighty Thor is available here:

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