March 2, 2024

German teachers give students time off to participate in anti-AfD demonstrations and give them good grades for doing so. The parents are concerned, but there is no major protest

Are all students still welcome in German schools? Or rather, what should happen to those who have no desire to participate in anti-right-wing rallies or who themselves represent right-wing positions?

It's bad enough having to think about it. But across the country, many teachers are pressuring students to get on the “right side.” It is clearly located on the left. How worrying the situation is is shown by countless examples, It is a news portal News published.

Accordingly, one mother from Bayreuth reported that her high school politics teacher asked who had participated in the anti-AfD demonstration the day before, and gave everyone who answered positively an A. At one school in Koblenz, students were given a leave of absence so that they could From participating in a similar event. A special photo shoot was organized in Braunschweig, where students were supposed to raise a “banner against the AfD and its ideology” – accompanied by the inflammatory slogan “Human rights – instead of right-wingers.”

No one stops these teachers. According to the demand of neutrality, it is clear that there should not be any indoctrination, especially not political. This should also be evident in German history. In addition, the so-called prohibition on excessive force is stipulated in the Beutelsbach Consensus. This means that teachers are not allowed to impose their opinions on students, but must enable them to form their own opinions with the help of lessons.

People who participated in the “anti-right” marches praised by the federal government sometimes sympathized with the rebels against the GDR government. One of the ZEIT authors recently went over this. This is unreasonable. In the midst of self-congratulation, they don't realize that they are literally wandering towards what could be the next German Democratic Republic. Ideologically state-controlled schools are an essential part of this.

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Again: Who stops these teachers?