June 14, 2024

Formula 1: Carlos Sainz in profile | sports

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr. is a hard worker and a talented driver – with far more ambitions and demands than being number two at the Scuderia. but with Charles Locklear The Spaniard has a strong teammate. However, the start of the season was better for Sens than for Leclerc. What can Carlos Sainz achieve this season? All information about the Spaniard can be found here in the profile.

A quick profile of Carlos Sainz

family name: Carlos Sainz Vasquez de Castro
starting number: 55
date of birth: September 1, 1994
place of birth: Madrid
measuring: 1.78
residence: Madrid
salary: $10 million
Formula 1 debut: 2015
Professional life: 2015-2017 Toro Rosso • 2017-2018 Renault • 2019-2020 McLaren • Since 2021 Ferrari

Forever underrated

When Carlos Sainz Jr. (27) and his fellow drivers were asked about their current road cars at a press conference in 2016, many of the answers were pricey: Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes. It was all there. More recently, Sainz jr. He asked about the car he owned. “I drive golf,” says the Ferrari driver today, without changing his face.

The Spaniard, whose full name is Carlos Sainz Vázquez de Castro, does not stand out for his extravagance on the track and is known for his eagerness to work and his ability to work in a team. And since the 2021 season at the latest, it’s been clear: He’s also the one who is forever underestimated.

His career began in karting. Sainz junior is the son of Carlos Sainz Sr., a motorsports legend and former World Rally Champion. The family is still close to him today, and in addition to his father’s advice, his cousin is always there as a manager at the races. In the junior ranks, Sainz jr. Part of the Red Bull junior programme, he initially drove in Formula 1 for the Torro Rosso junior team. From there it moved through Renault and McLaren to Ferrari in 2021. A leap few thought he was capable of.

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Because the road to the top was not always easy, but the man from Madrid managed to make the most of the situation every time. He got his first podium without being able to celebrate it on the podium. At the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, Sainz jr. only through a subsequent penalty from Lewis Hamilton to a long-awaited third place finish. The switch from Renault to McLaren – in the past a real stroke of luck – only came after he was ousted by Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo.

At Ferrari, Sainz jr. (“I was always able to adapt well”) with the highly-acclaimed Charles Leclerc (24), who already competed with four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel in his first season at the Scuderia. Leclerc has a long-term contract with Ferrari, he is the future and face of the racing team. Sainz Jr. They accepted the challenge, made their way to the task and surprised. In 2021, he was not only able to keep up with Monaco, Sainz Jr. He scored more points than Leclerc, took four podium finishes and never retired. Fifth in the drivers’ standings, Sainz jr. The title of “Best Of The Rest”, i.e. the best driver in the field who has not driven for the two big teams Red Bull or Mercedes.

In 2022 he won his first Grand Prix in Great Britain, and in this race he also started from pole position for the first time. Sainz is fifth in the world championship standings again this season. However, his teammate Leclerc became vice world champion.

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