May 23, 2024

FIFA turns around – World Cup 2026 with groups of 4 and 104 (!) Games – Sports

FIFA turns around – World Cup 2026 with groups of 4 and 104 (!) Games – Sports – SRF

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It is played in three countries

In June 2018, the 2026 World Cup was awarded in Moscow.

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  • 104 Matches Total: The 2026 World Cup in the USA, Canada and Mexico will be bigger than ever.
  • 48 teams are divided into 12 groups of four, and the knockout stage begins with the semi-finals.
  • This was announced by the International Football Association (FIFA) on Tuesday in Rwanda.

The format of the next World Cup is known. A total of 104 matches will be played in 2026, 40 more than the previous finals. The FIFA Council decided this during a meeting held in Kigali on Tuesday.

The tournament will be held in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico for the first time, with the participation of 48 teams. Instead of the previously planned preliminary round of 16 groups of three, the game will be played in 12 groups of four. The top two teams in each group advance and the top eight teams in third place.

It may take 40 days of tournament

The last World Cup so far in Qatar at the end of 2022 was still being held with the participation of 32 countries and 64 matches. World champions Argentina played 7 matches to win the title. The change in format will only add a maximum of one game per team. Trios had been criticized for the high risk of collusion because the nation had a game-free period.

During the meeting in Rwanda, the council set the 2026 World Cup final for July 19. The World Cup period (tournament plus preparation phase) estimated in the football calendar is 56 days in the range of the final rounds in 2010, 2014 and 2018. The opening match has not yet been scheduled, but due to the large number of matches it may be necessary to have 40 days. from the tournament.

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