June 23, 2024

Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton takes a lie detector test

Formula 1

“Did you pee in the car?” – Hamilton takes a lie detector test

For an interview with Sky Sports TV, Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton (38) was hooked up to a lie detector. Briton has been caught lying several times.


Lewis Hamilton faces a lie detector interview.

Screenshot from Sky Sports

  • Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton has undergone a lie detector test.

  • In an interview, he was repeatedly exposed as a liar.

  • However, the Briton reveals he wants to continue until his eighth world title.

Before the start of the season in Bahrain, Sky Sports had thought of something very special for seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton (38). Instead of a normal interview, the Briton takes a lie detector test at the TV station – and gets arrested several times.

At the start of the test, Hamilton was asked if he was nervous. “No,” the Mercedes driver replies – and is immediately exposed as a liar for the first time. When it comes to the Mercedes team, Hamilton sticks to the truth. He never lied to his team boss Toto Wolff – a polygraph proved him right.

Hamilton is lying on reality TV

Hamilton honestly calls Finn Valtteri Bottas his favorite teammate, with whom he drove for Mercedes between 2017 and 2021. “We’ve had a lot of fun over the years. Although he always wanted to beat me in the race, there was always camaraderie,” says the 103-time GP winner. “There was no match between us. We often traveled together and our friendship developed.”

After this revelation, Hamilton was caught lying several times. He says he doesn’t watch reality TV and says he won an arm wrestling match against current teammate George Russell. When asked if he urinated in the car, he replied no – it’s a lie. “Yeah, maybe once. I can’t remember more accurately,” Hamilton says of his urine lie.

Continues eighth world title

The former world champion has also falsely stated that he hates going out in public. His statement that he does not enjoy the attention also turns out to be incorrect in the test. Hamilton admits that he used to Google himself regularly in the past.

When it comes to his future in Formula 1, Hamilton takes the fact very seriously. Although he admits that he now enjoys his holidays more than the daily races, he is far from bored. In the end, the 38-year-old was asked if he wanted to continue driving to win his eighth world title. “Yes,” said Hamilton. According to a polygraph test, this is the truth.

Hamilton criticizes the team

In a BBC podcast, Lewis Hamilton found clear words after the unsuccessful start to the season: “Last year there were things I told the team. I fixed the car problems,” said the Briton. “I’ve driven many cars in my life. I know what the car needs. I know what the car doesn’t need.” For the 38-year-old, it’s about accountability. We didn’t listen to you. It’s not where it should be, and we have to work, “Hamilton demands recognition from those in charge. In Bahrain, the two Mercedes cars were only fifth (Hamilton) and seventh (Russell).

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