December 10, 2023

Everyone is holding their breath in this video

Everyone is holding their breath in this video

It is a royal duty to listen to the concerns of the citizens. That’s why Prince William and Duchess Kate in particular travel a lot, visit hospitals, senior centers, etc.

Kate and William’s Caribbean trip

However, some dates also occur outside the UK, such as her flights to the Bahamas, Belize and Jamaica. They visit a cocoa plantation, a Mayan archaeological site, learn to play drums in Bob Marley’s hometown Trench Town and sit in Bob à la cold rune.

Pictures of Kate and William on their tour of the Caribbean to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee are glamorous and Kate looks stunning as always – literally, her dresses are stunning as always.

Diving off the coast of Belize

A few hours ago, Kate and William uploaded a video to their Instagram account showing another adventure of the two. In the clip, the two can be seen snorkeling through the reefs of Belize. They write about the video:

On Sunday we were lucky enough to dive into South Water Cay, over the stunning Belize Barrier Reef. It has been an honor to see firsthand the world-leading marine conservation work being done here.

Amazing Photos

The pictures are incredibly beautiful and at the same time very impressive. In addition to many fish and corals, the royal couple can drift. Then the two have an experience that makes a lot of sweat on their foreheads: sharks appear!

But do not worry, nothing happened to the parents of George, Charlotte and Louis, the animals behave very peacefully. The Prince and Duchess will not soon forget this underwater trip!

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