April 25, 2024

EMUI 12: Huawei phones have received this update

EMUI 12: Huawei phones have received this update


Huawei introduced the new user interface EMUI 12 and also revealed which phones will receive the update and when you can expect it.

EMUI 12 will not be distributed until the second half of 2022. (Source: Huawei)

  • Huawei introduced EMUI 12.
  • Many mobile phones are getting the new user interface.
  • This will be distributed from the second half of 2022.

Huawei It has a new user interface EMUI 12 Foot. The Chinese company also reveals when the firmware will be released and which mobile phones will be considered with it.

Like a tech blog Gizmochina It reported that the distribution of EMUI 12 will start in the second half of 2022. The following smartphones will be awarded EMUI 12:

These are the new features of EMUI 12

EMUI 12 introduces many innovations. The user interface has been completely redesigned. Together with the new animations, smooth operation should be possible. In addition, you can customize as many interface elements as you wish.

The Control Center has also been revised and given a new design. You can click the buttons on your laptop, tablet or TV and headphones to connect to that device. So you can edit photos on your laptop or tablet, watch movies and videos on TV and enjoy music through headphones.

You can also make calls on your mobile phone and transfer them to your laptop. Moreover, performance should be improved and your privacy better protected. However, EMUI 12 is not based on what the name suggests Android 12but keep going Android 11.

Android update planned for…

Android EMUI 12 update will be released for the following devices:

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