December 4, 2023

Emil the Disappeared (2): A huge raid with the participation of 100 police officers

Even four months after his disappearance, no trace of Emile (2) from France has been found. The boy was last seen on July 8 when he was on vacation with his grandparents in Le Vernet. The investigation has been ongoing since then, and police recently carried out a large-scale raid.

According to a report by Le Parisien and BMFT TV, 100 police officers searched countless homes in Le Vernet on Tuesday. Including the missing boy’s grandparents. All people who were in the village on the day of the disappearance were examined.

One official says this was not a targeted operation, as the number of homes searched shows. Now you have to process all the items obtained during your searches. This also includes confiscated digital storage media

A resident of Le Vernet told BMFT TV that the police arrived at six in the morning. “They searched everything for three or four hours and saved all my cell phone data.” The same thing happened with the neighbors.

No arrests were made as a result of the major raid. According to BMFT TV, there are no identified suspects. This means that uncertainty surrounding Emil’s disappearance remains for the time being.

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