Elon Musk announced a $ 100 million prize for a new carbon capture technology

Things We Already Know: The world is getting uncomfortably warming due to humankind’s insistence on burning fossil fuels. Elon Musk is currently the richest human on the planet. However, being among the richest people on the planet, Musk’s charitable record over the years has been trivial compared to the likes of Jeff Bezos. So, yeah, it was a bit of a surprise on Thursday when the CEO of Tesla took to Twitter to announce that he plans to donate $ 100 million in prize money to the winning carbon capture system.

Details of the upcoming Musk carbon capture competition have not been revealed but it is expected to arrive.next week. “This is not the first time that a company has requested public assistance with carbon capture technology, which seeks to pull this element out of the atmosphere and push it away to help slow the rate of human-induced climate change. X-Prize held a similar competition Five finalists were awarded a share of their $ 20 million grand prize. But with a $ 100 million portfolio at stake, Musk’s competition will not only provide five times as much funding as X-Prize, it will also be his largest single charitable investment to date (10 times the amount of his second largest donation away). Of course, this is a far cry from the first effort to collect and convert carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into consumer products. EFPL It recently developed a capture system for semis That turns 90 percent of a car’s emissions into liquid carbon dioxide, Oxford researchers have discovered a way Converted to jet fuel While others Turn greenhouse gases into diamonds.

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