July 16, 2024

Dramatic Change for Season 3 – A new release plan has been revealed

Dramatic Change for Season 3 – A new release plan has been revealed

More and more details are becoming known about the third season of “7 vs. Wild” with Fritz Meinecke.Photo: fritzmeinecke/Youtube


Jennifer Ulrich

The second season of “7 vs. Wild” has been an even bigger hit on YouTube than its predecessor. Although co-creator Fritz Meinecke has meanwhile announced that there will be no third season, planning for it is now in full swing. This time the stars are competing in teams against each other in the wilds of Canada. A total of 14 celebrities at the start.

Now another change has been announced: With Season 3, 7 vs. Wild will change platforms for the first time. However, for fans, this is not necessarily a disadvantage.

“7 vs. Wild” will no longer appear exclusively on Youtube

According to an official announcement, the new episodes will appear “exclusively” on Amazon Freebie. Like YouTube, the streaming service is free and ad-supported. The plan: Two episodes will be published per week, always on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Plus, the previous two seasons of the series are also moving to Amazon Freevee this summer, so that fans can move on to the next chapter. The announcement does not directly indicate if Season 3 will also end on YouTube at a later date. The old seasons will surely remain on Youtube.

Fritz Meinecke is convinced of innovation. He said, “Having the ability to watch the show on Freevee and YouTube is a new chapter for 7 against the Wild. We’re excited to see what this does in the future.”

Fritz Meinecke talks about forest fires

An important topic in the context of preparations for 7 Against the Wild is of course the severe wildfires currently ravaging parts of Canada. How dangerous are the celebrities involved? Should the season be cancelled? Meneke talks about this in a current YouTube video, because he’s received many inquiries.

Fritz Meinecke in

Fritz Meinecke is also in the third season of “7 vs. Wild.”photo: youtube

“Canada is a huge country,” explains the 34-year-old. Accordingly, the risk is “not the same everywhere.” But security is “a very high priority”. Meinecke reveals that a solution is currently being worked on in the background that will impact production as little as possible. Among other things, agreements with the authorities are necessary.

There may be “certain conditions” for the stars when it comes to fire. No one should accidentally start a forest fire.