March 3, 2024

DPD UK flottet 1000 rein elektrische Ford E-Transit ein

DPD UK will have a fleet of 1,000 all-electric Ford E-Transit vehicles

UK parcel delivery company DPD has ordered 1,000 Ford electric E-Transit trucks in one fell swoop. With the e-mobility, which will all be introduced later this year, the number of e-vehicles in Great Britain’s DPD fleet will grow to more than 2,500. DPD UK has the 3.5-tonne Ford version, with a power of 135 kW and a long wheelbase and 12.4 m cube of cargo space. The e-delivery trucks will be operated from warehouses spread across the British network, and the parcel delivery company wants to take over the first e-delivery operations in May.

The new electronic transportation order is part of DPD’s promise to be “the most environmentally friendly delivery company in the world,” according to the company in a recent press release. In addition to operating more than 2,500 electric vehicles in the UK, DPD has also invested in a range of multiple recycling and circular economy initiatives which led to the company being named Sustainable Company of the Year at the recent Business Champion Awards in London.

Getting your hands on an electric Ford Transit seems like a really big moment. 3.5 ton trucks are the backbone of any delivery fleetsays Ole Kraujan, Head of Sustainability at DPD UK. “People really appreciate what we’re doing with electric cars and all of our other green initiativesDirector said. The same applies to large retail customers. “They want to deliver their packages using DPD green trucks because they know their customers appreciate it too“.

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DPD UK opened the UK’s first all-electric parcel delivery depot in Westminster in 2018. DPD announced its plans in October 2020 to serve 25 of the UK’s largest cities with zero, low-emissions delivery vehicles by 2023. In July 2021, Oxford became the first city All-electric for DPD UK.

Source: DPD UK – Press release 05/05/2022