December 10, 2023

Credit Suisse orders bankers to return to New York offices

Credit Suisse orders bankers to return to New York offices

Credit Suisse is betting on a favorable course for the pandemic and will soon return employees to the office – this will now be palpable in New York.

While bankers at Credit Suisse (CS) headquarters in Zurich still have little indication that the home office requirement will be scrapped anytime soon, the signals for their New York colleagues are green, like the news agency «Bloomberg» reported on Monday. CS has instructed its employees to return to their jobs within a week.

Plague fighter boss confident

American CS business, which is headed by CEO Christian Messner It stands ahead of the other path of the epidemic in the USA. The number of cases in the northeastern United States has recently fallen sharply again, which calls for cautious optimism, as are the top epidemic fighters. Anthony S. Fossey According to the newspaper “The New York Times” advertiser. According to this scenario, the number of cases in the coming weeks should decrease to a level where the epidemiological situation is considered under control.

What returning employees means for the continuation of flexible workplace models is not clear from the memo. The flexible and hybrid workplace models introduced last year should not be affected, an unnamed source from Bloomberg reported. In Switzerland, the obligation to work from home is new as a result of last week’s Federal Council decision Until the end of February.