June 17, 2024

Controversial Mercedes rear-view mirror: Ferrari calls for clarification

Controversial Mercedes rear-view mirror: Ferrari calls for clarification

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The new Mercedes is still causing a buzz on the Formula 1 circuit. The concept with its barely-present side boxes and rear-view mirrors, which are mounted to the pins of the side-impact chassis, is both revolutionary and controversial. So Ferrari is now asking for clarification from the FIA.

Mercedes’ rear-view mirrors are causing a stir in Formula 1


“No one questions the legitimacy of Mercedes’ solutions,” confirms team principal Mattia Binotto. “But in 2018 we installed halo-linked mirrors – a solution that was legal as stated in the regulations. But after two races we were forced by new technical guidance from the FIA ​​to remove them.”

Now Binotto hopes to take a similar approach again: “This is the principle I emphasize: the FIA ​​has the power to clarify and I am curious how the situation will develop in this case. I expect clarification more than objections.”

The Formula 1 Technical Advisory Committee met earlier this week to discuss the Mercedes W13 mirror concept. As a result, the rearview mirrors comply with the formulation of the applicable rules.

Binotto: The FIA ​​must adhere to the mirror principle

However, the Mercedes concept contrasts with the approach that Formula 1 stewards have taken for years. There was a consensus that rear-view mirrors should not be abused as an aerodynamic aid.

“The FIA ​​has always made it clear that a mirror mount should have only a structural function, and if it has an aerodynamic effect, it should be ‘incidental’ only. If the FIA ​​has emphasized this principle in the past, it should be mine in my opinion. It will remain that way today and into the future,” Binotto demands.

“In terms of mirror support, the FIA ​​has in the past sent technical guidance confirming the basic concept. I think some of the solutions that can be seen on these cars do not have an accidental impact but have a clear aerodynamic purpose.”

That’s why Binotto also believes that Mercedes’ mirrors are “inconsistent with what the FIA ​​has indicated in the past”. It remains to be seen whether the World Automobile Federation will continue to react on the opening weekend of the first class in Bahrain. It would be more realistic to step in after three to four race weekends.