April 23, 2024

COACHME's Manuel Fassnacht: Using science and experience to achieve…

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Achieving high performance – Endurance athletes can only achieve this through discipline, strategy and enjoyment in the sporting process. However, without professional advice, performance stalls in many cases – and fortunately, sports expert Manuel Fassnacht knows how to help. As Managing Director of COACHME, he and his team have already helped over 300 athletes achieve their performance potential. Here you can find out what it's like to work with him and what role mindset and nutrition play for him.

Sports and performance improvement are two terms that are difficult to separate from each other. In endurance sports in particular, the competitive spirit in which athletes engage with each other and themselves is particularly strong. However, if success suddenly fails to deliver and performance stalls, frustration is high – and very few people will be able to break out of the progress plateau in time. “As an endurance athlete, it is extremely frustrating when hard training doesn't pay off. This is often not due to a lack of discipline, but simply due to the wrong approach to training and all the influencing factors associated with it. It can also be that the training It doesn't translate well. Integrating daily life and constant stress can take a toll on the body. If you don't create the perfect cog structure for training, nutrition, regeneration and stress management, you won't continue to achieve any success,” warns Manuel Fassnacht, founder of COACHME.

“We are working to create a touchpoint for endurance athletes to specifically expand their performance potential,” explains the entrepreneur. With COACHME, he turned his passion into a career and, as a former professional athlete, now supports athletes in cycling, running and triathlon who want to get more out of themselves. “Our goal is to improve the performance of our athletes through data-driven diagnostics,” he explains. Manuel Fassnacht attaches great importance to comprehensive support, which also takes into account mental and nutritional aspects, as well as strategic training plans. He explains: “We do not rely on random successes, but rather we provide our clients with training methods based on scientific foundations that lead to the development of targeted and sustainable performance.” “So nothing stands in the way of your next big marathon, competition or other event.”

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Science, analysis and individuality: this is what distinguishes the support provided by COACHME

On the path to athletic self-actualization, the COACHME program is primarily about identifying your development potential. “By identifying performance-related factors such as VO2max, VLamax, anaerobic threshold, and maximum fat and carbohydrate oxidation, we gain deep insights into our athletes’ unique physiology,” explains Manuel Fassnacht. Based on this diagnosis, he develops a training plan that cannot be surpassed in terms of effectiveness. “We don't just focus on quick hits, but we also make sure that our customers can easily integrate it into their daily lives. If necessary, it can also be quickly adapted to everyday events,” he reveals. Nutrition and mindset tips complement COACHME's offerings. “Only those who simultaneously improve their sporting lifestyle and demonstrate mental strength can permanently tap into their performance potential,” explains the former professional athlete.

In addition to these individual tips, athletes benefit from the comprehensive support that Manuel Fassnacht offers to his clients. “Our athletes get standard access to our exclusive COACHME Academy, where they learn all about the science of training, nutrition, regeneration and mindset,” reveals the expert. “In addition, they have the opportunity to ask questions of professionals in the fields of exercise science, performance psychology and sports nutrition in weekly live conference calls.” Athletes can also benefit from the experiences of other participants and gain valuable insights in a short time.

With experience and passion for optimal training

COACHME's Manuel Fassnacht approach works – as proven by many great customer successes. Among other things, the businessman has brought many mountain bike professionals to the top of the world. “Last year, two players I coached were on the podium at the World Cup at the same time. There are only a few coaches who have achieved that with their athletes,” reveals Manuel Fassnacht. But amateur athletes also get their money's worth with him: “For example, a rescue worker found it difficult to balance work and family. He often did not find time to train before he contacted us,” the expert reveals. “Illness and the associated loss of form were the reason this athlete allowed us to train him. Despite this turning point in his life, he wanted to fulfill his athletic performance potential again – and he achieved this with us thanks to our comprehensive and targeted support agreement.”

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In addition to extensive specialist knowledge, COACHME's success is based on the passion of Manuel Fassnacht, which he brought to consulting as a former professional athlete. He began his sports career as a mountain biker, and thanks to his successes he reached the highest league – the Elite World Cup. Fascinated by data analysis and performance measurement in cycling, he developed a passion for the analytical side of performance improvement. During his career, he has worked with numerous coaches, gaining a wide range of knowledge and learning from professionals how to make the most of his performance potential.

After retiring from professional sport, Manuel Fassnacht founded his own training company and now employs a full team of experts and sports scientists. “With my practical knowledge, I would like to show professionals, amateurs and amateur athletes in German-speaking countries that they do not have to struggle every day to achieve small successes. And with a scientifically based strategy, even big successes are within reach,” concludes Manuel Fassnacht.

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