July 16, 2024

China ends military exercises off Taiwan, threatens to open

China ends military exercises off Taiwan, threatens to open

A Chinese People’s Liberation Army fighter plane takes off for a military exercise off the coast of Taiwan
Alliance photo/Xinhua News Agency: Zhong Yulong

In the past few days, China has been rehearsing the invasion of Taiwan with a lot of rattle of swords: the Chinese Navy has sent 13 warships into the waterway that separates the Democratic Island from the People’s Republic of China. Both must train to launch an attack, according to the People’s Liberation Army, and practice how to fend off torpedoes that would be fired by submarines in such a situation for the purpose of defending Taiwan. Both are known weaknesses of the Chinese military: China has the equipment to invade Taiwan. But experts agree that landing at sea is a complex maneuver for which Chinese soldiers have not yet been trained. The Gambit now aims to eliminate this deficiency.

In addition, Chinese submarines cannot detect the latest torpedoes that American submarines have. With the United States expected to assist the beleaguered island nation when needed, Beijing needs to prepare for that as well.

The maneuver ended and tensions remained

The People’s Liberation Army has now officially completed its largest military exercise around Taiwan. But peace is unlikely to return to the Taiwan Strait. There is already talk of regular patrols – and once again Beijing is threatening a violent invasion.