June 17, 2024

Bucher "joyfully surprised" at the start of the Paralympic Games

Bucher “joyfully surprised” at the start of the Paralympic Games

German Confederation President Friedhelm Julius Bucher has found a more than positive result from the first weekend of competition at the Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing.

“We were very pleasantly surprised when we started with four medals on day one,” Bucher said. Chef de Michen Karl Quad explained: “The start is absolutely fine. It’s a shame we haven’t managed to win first place yet. But it was decided in the end.”

In all, the German Parasports Confederation won five medals in the weekend, four silver and one bronze. Because gold is missing, Germany ranks only 12th in the medal table. However, in terms of the number of podiums, only China (16), Ukraine (7) and Canada (6) were the most successful.

The young athletes in particular were surprised Saturday with three medals. The fact that the absence of excluded Russians helped do not make Boucher’s success any less valuable. “Whether he’s injured or not allowed, the competition is between who are the starting ones. And the absence of the Russians is not unfair and it is not because of their guilt,” he said. Quad also explained: “Yes, this opens up new possibilities. But this applies to everyone.”

The fact that Anna-Lena Forster has won silver twice so far is not a disappointment by either. It would have been gold both times,” Boucher said. And there is still hope.” For Quad, “The second place finishes are a great result. And their specialties have yet to come.”

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