June 23, 2024

Lustenberger is the boss - but Fassnacht Towers outnumber everyone in Leverkusen

Lustenberger is the boss – but Fassnacht Towers outnumber everyone in Leverkusen

YB shows that Leverkusen is the champion in the round of 16 of the European League

The youngsters made a surprise, as they defeated Bayer Leverkusen with a very strong performance in the second leg and qualified for the second round of the European League.


The Young Boys beat Bayer Leverkusen 2-0 after an excellent performance from the start and reached the last 16 in the European League. YB Players in Singles Review.

Key evaluation
6 Sacstark
5 gut
Enough 4
3 – Weak
2 is very weak
1 underground

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Game sounds by Seoane, Bosz, and Lustenberger

He must first intervene after a quarter of an hour and then do nothing for a long time. Until the 57th minute and Billy’s cool trick to break through – Von Palmos stops and miraculously saves. In the 80th minute, he showed another big save for Check and thus played a key role in Bernese’s lead.

It’s amazing how he deals with it right before the break in desperate need and prevents ready-to-shoot Schick from shooting on target. He’s been left behind twice against Diaby, but overall, the duel against the spirited Frenchman clearly goes to the Swiss.

39th minute: Hafta saves YB from being late


Stand in the reeds once or again. Fortunately Lustenberger, Hefti & Co. can correct their mistakes.

Leader in the ranks of Bernese. Reject Bayer attacks, conquer important balls, organize all four defenders and always stand at the origin of the game setting. True leader.

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Strong performance! Makes 23-year-old Billy look old. He wins in nearly every duel – in the air and on the ground.

It’s actually not his game at all, in some promising situations Ngamaleu doesn’t focus. But shortly after the break, he woke up wide, grabbed the ball from the sliding Sinkgraven and began the counterattack to make it 1-0 with a sharp pass to Elia.

Together with Aebischer, he closes the position at prolonged periods and lets the offensively strong Werkself appear without thoughts. Assists opponents in the defense chain during periods of stress.

He has his first good chance for Berne after 17 minutes, but only hits Sepacho’s back. Flawless defensiveness, offensive bravery, if not always happy.

An asset on the external path. His prep work before Epsher’s first (17) opportunity is fantastic. Always bother the Germans early on when setting up the game. Then shortly before the end the bag is closed with a cold lift. The best man on the field.

86th minute: 2-0 for YB Christian Fasnacht


He travels a lot and works hard in defense. There is a little bit of attack, but that is not necessary in this game. At 1-0 it is then there. His side is skewed and thus dangerous to the goalkeeper Lomb, who is unable to catch the ball.

For so long, there’s nothing to see as an Nsame alternative – but when it has to be there, Siebatcheu is there! Leverkusen goalkeeper Lomb slips the ball out of his hands, and Sebacho can shake his head without any problems. After 78 minutes it was replaced – mission done!

Very short evaluation effort.

In fact, its use is very short for evaluation. But Spellman shows how it fits perfectly into the game. He hits the post with a free kick from 25 meters and then sends it to Fasnacht, who decides the match, perfectly.

Very short evaluation effort.

Very short evaluation effort.

Very short evaluation effort.

Bayer Leverkusen – Young Boys 0: 2 (0: 0)

SR Massa (ITA). – rip: 48. Sebacho (Elijah) 0: 1. 86 Fasnacht (Spielman) 0: 2.

Bayer Leverkusen: Lomb. Dragovic (63. Gray), Tah, Tapsuba; Sinkgraven, Aranguiz; Frimpong (78. Amiri), Bailey (63. Alario), Wirtz, Diaby; Check.

Young Boys: From Palmos Hefty, Lustenberger, Zeesiger, Lefort; Fassnacht (87th Gaudino), Aebischer (87th Sierro), Lauper, Moumi Ngamaleu (69 Rieder); Elia (78 Mbebe), Sebacho (seventy-eighth vocalist).

Notes: Young Boys without Nesma, Camara (both arrested), Martins and Betinat (both injured). Bayer Leverkusen without Bellaraby, Paulinho, Lars Bender, Sven Bender, Baumgartlinger, Hradecky and Arias (all injured). 83 after shot the vocalist. Warnings: 53. Sinkgraven (false).